Media: A Tool for Proclamation

Written by Billy Long

If you’ve ever asked yourself what it looks like to be the “Media Guy” at a summer camp, I can give you an idea: it’s just a little crazy! We, as media guys, wear many hats, both during camp and in the off-season during the school year. We’re out in the heat of the day snapping photos and taking videos of every activity; a job where everyone at camp sees you and everyone back home doesn’t, since we’re the ones behind the camera. We also do a ton behind the scenes! Editing photos and videos, running the slides for chapel and sound for worship, and helping whoever needs it with their electronic needs. We also do other jobs that might not fall under the category of “media.” I’ve met media guys from a few different camps, one that is also the registrar and another who runs the camp’s teen ministry, in addition to his media duties. And last but not least, my personal favorite and a fast growing aspect of camp media: social media. 

Connecting with parents, campers, and staff during both the summer and the school year is growing more important as social media becomes more of a priority in many people’s lives. Social media is vital in catching people’s eyes, to get them and keep them interested in coming to camp. The sheer amount of outreach you can have with Facebook and Instagram ads, for example, is just amazing. Put just a little bit of money behind a post and it’ll take you far. Sorry, I need to clarify. It’s not about numbers or money. Social media can increase your reach and bring more people to camp, so that we can share the Gospel with as many kids as we possibly can.  

I guess I’ve explained how social media can help in a camp atmosphere but how does all that stuff I mentioned earlier really help a camp and, also, how can the media staff be helped? I’ll start with photos. If you’re a parent of a camper, you know how awesome it is to see pictures of your child while they’re off at camp for the week (enter Facebook). To be able to post photos, someone needs to take photos. This is where a media team particularly helps. Depending on how many people you have, one or two could be out catching pictures and videos on cameras, phones, GoPros, drones, and anything else with a lens, while others are working the soundboard in the chapel or editing and posting to social media. 

That brings me to the second aspect of media: chapel sound guy. Without this guy, it would be a lot harder to have a corporate worship service and Bible lesson in today’s technological times.  It’s possible, but it would be much quieter, a whole lot darker, and more difficult to follow along to the songs and/or the speaker’s notes.

All that to say, especially in this modern electronic age, media staff are essential to camp. It is also vital we help our media staff out as much as we can for, though their job may not seem quite as grueling as maintenance or grounds keeping, it is exhausting in different ways. When they are understaffed, trying to meet deadlines, prepping for camp, and handling other responsibilities, media staff can get stretched and worn out pretty quickly. Please keep all of our media staff from all of CBM’s camps and areas in your prayers this summer.

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