Our Purpose
  • The purpose of CBM is teaching the Bible, evangelizing the unreached, discipling believers of all ages, encouraging and equipping them for active service for Jesus Christ in their community, local church and on to the world.
  • Children's Bible Ministries - Win a Child, Win a Life!



Reaching Children and Teens

Children’s Bible Ministries is an international, non-profit, non-denominational, parachurch organization, comprised of 13 Christian camps and ministries across the United States, as well as 3 international affiliates.  Each location is unique – some specialize in Homeschool Enrichment Programs, others in Sports Ministry, and still others in Creation Education and Wilderness Programs, all with the focus of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Most of our locations offer retreat and conference facilities for church groups and families, as well as specials for Pastors and those serving in full-time ministry.

Our Mission

CBM desires to serve the local church by offering ministry for all age groups – summer camps/retreats, Released Time Bible Education, after-school Bible Clubs, and Bible Correspondence Lessons for school-age children; opportunities to meet community service requirements, be mentored, and participate in leadership training for teens; counselor and internship opportunities for college-age; full-time missionary and volunteer opportunities, as well as missionary training schools, for adults and retirees.

We invite you to join the Lord in what He is doing through the work of CBM!  Get involved and help us serve the Lord and reach people with the transformational, life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ!

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 The Problems

92% of the 53 million children in public schools today are receiving no instruction from the Bible.

21 million American children live in homes with no biological father.

1.5 million children are without a parent due to incarceration.


  • 8,441 teens become sexually active
  • 2,756 teenage girls become pregnant
  • 603 children are arrested for drug or alcohol abuse
  • 248 children are arrested for violent crimes
  • 2,250 students drop out of school
  • 16 young people commit suicide


The Solutions

Camps – summer camp programs and school-year retreats

Correspondence lessons – monthly Bible Studies to earn discounts for summer camp

Classes –  Released Time Bible classes and after-school Bible Clubs

Conferences – Churches minister to students on CBM camp properties through their own programs

Community – social events with a spiritual emphasis; outreach activities





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