CBM of the U.K.

In early 2019, Children’s Bible Ministries of UK was incorporated as CBM’s first international Area of Ministry.

Greg Burton is the Executive Director of the Children’s Bible Ministries’ UK Branch.

CBM of the UK’s branch is based in London, where Greg is ministering through charities to help them grow teams, leaders and build community. CBM UK’s main client is London Pulse where Greg is training, coaching, and mentoring kids and coaches through basketball. Greg and Brittany also use Academic Enrichment activities to train, encourage, and equip students and parents through after-school activities, seminars, and other individual and group events and programs.

Greg is also CBM’s first International Mobilizer where he is responsible for:


  • Managing any CBM international missionaries that are sent to Europe or Asia. 
  • Recruiting international missionaries for Europe and Asia. 
  • Adding additional branches under the direction of and leadership of CBM USA. 
For more information about Greg’s basketball ministry

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