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Lincoln was born and raised in FL. Because of his mom’s testimony of salvation through the work of CBM, each summer she sent her children to camp at CBM of FL (Camp Gilead) camp. Lincoln was able to go for free because of CBM’s Bible Memorization Scholarship Program (now a Bible Lesson Scholarship). Lincoln committed his heart to Christ and was baptized as a child, and then during Missions Hour at Camp Gilead one summer when he was in middle school, Lincoln surrendered his life to full-time mission work. Jamie was born and raised in MO, and Jamie committed her heart to Christ as a child. She was baptized at the pool at Camp Sonshine in MO by her Pastor.

“The” Story

Lincoln was involved in CBM of FL for many years prior to becoming the National Director: first as a camper, then High School kitchen staff, then as a Junior Counselor, then Senior Counselor, then Head Counselor, Head Lifeguard, and wherever else they needed him. After graduating from PCC in 1999, the Camp Director asked Lincoln for one more summer as Head Counselor before going to Grad School.

When Jamie was a teenager in 1993, the Lord moved her family to FL. In the summer of 1999, Jamie obeyed God’s leading to become a Summer Camp Counselor with CBM of FL (Camp Gilead). Lincoln and Jamie met that summer and began dating around Thanksgiving. They were married at the Camp Director’s house in February 2000.


Lincoln’s undergraduate degree is from Pensacola Christian College, in Pre-Law. His graduate degree is from Trinity College in Non-profit Organization Law. For several years, Lincoln’s family did a form of Home Education called “Paces,” through a local Christian School affiliated with the family’s church. He also attended public school for several years. 

 Jamie’s undergraduate degree is from Southeastern University, in Human Services. She is currently finishing up her graduate degree in Christian Counseling from Andersonville Theological Seminary and plans to earn her Doctorate in Educational Ministry in Biblical Counseling from the same school. Jamie was Home-Schooled in Kindergarten and in 7th grade. She also attended both public school and private, Christian School for several years each.

Work History

After the Simmons were married, they served at Camp Gilead together for the next two summers as Leaders of the High School Kitchen Staff. The Lord wasn’t yet opening the door for them to be full-time with CBM, so they spent the next 10 years in the business world, gaining skills and experience that would well prepare them for their future roles in ministry. Lincoln owned and managed consignment stores and served on the Board of Camp Gilead as Chairman of the Ministry Committee, and Jamie worked for Lancome Cosmetics as a Business Manager, then Sales & Training Coordinator, and then for Southeastern University as Coordinator of Conferences and Admission Events. She has also been a licensed Nail Technician since 1996.

Ministry Calling

At the funeral of Ms. Edith Hulslander (a matriarch of CBM) in 2010, the Lord worked in both Lincoln’s and Jamie’s hearts simultaneously to show them His calling on their lives into full-time ministry with CBM. He used the Matthew 6:19-21 passage to confirm their calling.

After Board approval, the Simmons sold their consignment stores, Jamie resigned from SEU, and they moved to Camp Gilead, where they served full-time from 2011-2013. 

 Lincoln started as CBM of FL’s Program Manager and soon saw the need to revitalize the after-school Bible Clubs. He soon assumed the roles of Director of Business/Finance, Bible Clubs/Outreach, and Operations. Jamie was the Registrar, and then added to that role Director of Development/Group Ministries.

In fall 2013, the Lord led the Simmons to apply for the CBM National Directorship. CBM’s Board and Cabinet both unanimously voted to appoint Lincoln as the National Director for CBM and Jamie as the National Director for CBM’s Ministry Development in September 2013. In January 2014, they moved from FL to TN to assume their new roles.


Like all CBM missionaries, home or abroad, the Simmons raise their own personal financial support and are so grateful for their ministry support team. The Simmons are blessed to have Fellowship Baptist Church in Lakeland, FL as their sending/commissioning church.


The Simmons’ vision for CBM is that of growth – God’s way and in His timing. They desire to see the ministries of CBM expand into every U.S. state and overseas. Their goal is step through every door God opens to reach more children with the gospel and to disciple future generations. They love having a front row seat to His mighty work!

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