National Board

Children’s Bible Ministries Inc., has a self-perpetuating National Board made up of men and women from a variety of disciplines with diverse and extensive ministry and business leadership experience. They support the mission, vision and values of CBM. They serve in an independent trusteeship role to provide appropriate governance and oversight to assure the doctrinal integrity, financial accountability, stewardship and effectiveness of the ministries of the thirteen areas known collectively as the Children’s Bible Ministries (CBM). Each of these areas has its own independent, local Board. Local Boards are subject to the policies and bylaws of CBM’s National Board.

 CBM National Board Members

 Executive Committee

Reverend Greg Kain, President                      Bluff City, TN

Wayne Knauss, Vice-President                       Corryton, TN

Tahnee Jones, Secretary                                   Townsend, TN

Don Garrett, Treasurer                                    Knoxville, TN


Richard Grubb                                                    Mountain City, TN

Bob Johnson, Jr.                                                Raleigh, NC

Jamie Simmons (ex officio)                             Townsend, TN

Lincoln Simmons (ex officio)                          Townsend, TN

Scott Simpson                                                    Cleveland, GA

Marilyn Lyle                                                      Aiken, SC

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