CBM Intern – Serve Others for the Glory of God

By CBM National intern, Capree Simons

These past two months at CBM’s Camp Victory, God has used a book I was assigned by the Camp Director, as well as the Released Time classes I have helped with, to teach me many valuable lessons including compassion, generosity, and humility. All of these lessons can and should be applied to our daily routines, especially as believers, as we are called to live a life like Christ. As children, we are taught by our parents, our teachers, and our churches that we should always be nice to others and treat them with kindness and respect. As we grow up, it is revealed to us through experience that the things we were taught as kids are extremely useful in the adult world.

As I am sitting in my last Released Time class of my last internship rotation here at CBM’s Camp Victory, watching the staff teach these impressionable students about the importance of humility, I am reminded of why I joined this internship just a short year ago. God hates a prideful heart. C.J. Mahaney tells us in his book Humility: True Greatness, that we must “serve others for the glory of God.” It is so incredibly important for us to realize for ourselves that without the act of sacrificial service, we will perish. James 4:6 says “God resists the proud but He gives grace to the humble.” John Edwards considers pride to be “the worst viper that is in the heart” and “the greatest disturber of the soul’s peace and sweet communion with Christ.”

I have never wanted to be seen as a prideful, selfish, or boastful person, so for the past 21 years I have done everything I could think of to ensure that didn’t become my reality. Most of us would admit to struggling with humility, as it’s something that just doesn’t come easily to us, being the sinful creatures that we are. It is only through constant prayer and seeking God that one can truly achieve such a task. But humility can trip you up because as soon as you profess that you are humble, it proves that you most definitely are not. Be careful of the words you say because the sins of your heart will make themselves known, using your tongue as an instrument. I will carry with me the words of wisdom I’ve heard, the lessons I’ve been taught, and the wisdom I’ve been given by God during this year to help steer my life in the direction that is most pleasing to God.

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