New Adventures and Beautiful Faces

By CBM National interns, Scott and Jerri Carpenter –

As CBM National interns, we get to travel a lot. I think we all love that we are getting to go to a new place, but not all of us love the driving portion of it. No matter what we are doing, even driving, we do it all for the glory of God! During these long trips (or even sometimes the short ones) conversations are had, thoughts are processed, and/or prayers are belted out.


With us (Scott and Jerri), we get to do all of these things together! Why not take advantage of this awesome time God has given us? Sometimes the conversations are fun and bubbly , and other times, they are more difficult.  The awesome thing about it though is God wants us to talk to each other and pour our hearts out. Through road trips, best friends might become closer, couples might fall in love deeper, and the ones who are just duke’n it out with themselves and God could grow stronger.


Don’t be afraid to open up and share with others, especially if you think God is trying to tell you to do it. So, as you venture out, be prepared in every moment for God to lay something on your heart or reveal something to you. You never know, it could change your life!

Scott and Jerri

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