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By CBM National Intern, Tori

Hi, my name is Tori, and I’m one of the CBM National interns. I am starting my 8th month of the internship and I’m halfway through my second camp rotation. So far, this internship has been so much more than what I expected.

For my first camp rotation, I was partnered with Justin and we went to New Life Camp (https://newlifecamp.com/). Each day of the week, Justin and I were assigned a different department to focus on, such as programming, operations, and also their non-summer month programs. We sat in on the weekly meetings and had regular opportunities to ask questions and learn what the camp does when it’s not summer. I learned so much! I mean, I was able to experience first-hand the Storm basketball practices and games, Next Level basketball practices, Clubs and Clinics, Homeschool Enrichment, High School Hang Out, and Saturday Night @ Camp.

What was unexpected was the exciting project assigned to us, which was to revive the nature trail and to create new trails. In this, WE were the ones leading the project. We had several staff available to answer our questions and seek some guidance from, but it was solely our project while we were there. I learned so much about planning – and how I’m not much of a planner – as well as how to work alongside people with different perspectives than mine. I had been taught before about the need for any leadership board to consist of people who have different qualities so that it isn’t only a visionary-led ministry (if everyone dreams, who does the work?), a ministry run by do-ers (if everyone is out doing, who will take the time to plan it out first?), and so on. I grew to understand that concept in a much clearer way through this project and through the camp as a whole, because the staff there work so well together.

Now, for my second rotation, I’m at Camp Ozone (https://childrensbibleministries.net/camp-ozone) while it’s still in the beginning stages as it prepares to open as a camp. It is a completely different experience than at New Life. Half of my time is spent working on the camp, and the other half is spent meeting people (pastors, church secretaries, school principals) to tell them about Camp Ozone. I also host and work alongside the groups who come to volunteer at the camp. We had a fun youth group from FL come last week and this weekend a Boy Scout troop is staying.

It’s exciting when God lets me see the opportunities He gives for me to use what I’ve learned from a different camp or even a different part of my life. And I’m so thankful to know that there are many more opportunities to come to continue learning!

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