Desires of the Heart

By CBM National intern, Matt Presley –


So back in October I began talking to God about what my next step in life was. I was two months away from finishing a ten month internship program at the Blake House, a faith based men’s regeneration program. It was now time to start looking for a job, which I was praying would include God’s purpose. A month later and a long story short, He said “I’ve got the perfect thing! How about another internship program with a children’s ministry!?” Scripture says when you seek God, He’ll give you the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4). Just know it often doesn’t look the way you would have it. Here I am, 36 years old, training to bring children to God. 

“What’s a comfort zone?” you ask. I’m not sure I know anymore. I’ve been outside of anything resembling one for going on 2 years. I have no experience with kids, my walk with God is less than 2 years old, and I’m away from all my family. But, what’s super cool is He has given me the desires of my heart. He has given my life purpose. I wrote down over a year ago, when money wasn’t an issue, that what I truly wanted to do was mission work. I wanted to help those that can’t help themselves, counseling them and sharing the gospel with them. He has opened doors to all this and more in His timing. Praise God, right!!! That’s what I’m saying!!

Now I find myself in the beautiful Smoky Mountains, growing in my walk with God spiritually, intellectually, and biblically. I struggle and fall short, but He builds me up. And I’m loving every bit of it. I’m taking this walk one step, and one day at a time, while allowing Him to worry about tomorrow. He’s done so much in my life over the past 2 years; I can’t wait to see what He does over the next.

Happy journeys my friends!

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