Christian youth groups – Summer Missionary Interns

cbm-md_kidsWhat did the youth groups do this summer?  Well, in Maryland CBM, one of our areas, their youth learned  the joy of serving WITH Jesus by helping  to share the Gospel with younger children. They loved it!

Here is a excerpted from the Children’s Bible Ministries of Maryland newsletter:

“This past summer, my friend Emily took two trips- one to Jamaica and the other to Israel.  While in Jamaica, she was constructing buildings in the city and playing basketball with the city kids. Some members of her group were robbed during a run.  The conditions were not ideal.  During her trip to Israel, she was able to see Mt. Caramel where Elijah called down fire from heaven, ride a boat on the Sea of Galilee where Jesus calmed the wind and the waves, and see many places that made the Bible come alive.  They also stayed in nice hotels.

Upon reflecting on the two trips, she realized that the Jamaica trip was the one she would do over again if she could.  In Israel, she was going to see where Jesus WAS, but in Jamaica, she was going to serve WITH Jesus. This summer, our 13 Summer Missionary Interns worked with Jesus to reach 1068 children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They were not in glamorous situations, but they were serving WITH Jesus.  Many times they were pushed out of their comfort zones to go into places that were scary or to talk to people they had never seen before, but they relied on God to help them and to give them courage.  During the closing ceremony in August, it was evident that the Summer Missionary Interns would not trade their summer WITH God for anything.”   Sarah Mraz, Baltimore County Missionary

What a powerful lesson, Joy comes from working with Jesus, relying on Him for your next step and asking for the courage to do it.

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