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We had a great summer camp!

pond-girl-campNumbers were up over the last year and we had 20 decisions for Christ, 47 assurances, and many Christian lifestyle commitments.


Here is an except from Aaron Miller about can God be Trusted?

“The theme this summer was “Who Can You Trust?” Trust is one thing that usually gets harder as you get older.  Experience teaches us that people let you down.  This life itself with its death, sickness, disappointments etc., teaches us not to trust in anything.  The more I experience this world, the more I may be led to ask, can I really trust in anything or anyone?  It sounds pretty dangerous!  It is easy to give lip service to trust when everything is going my way, but youth are leaving the church like never before, and the number one reason is that God let them down.  These kids were led to believe that giving  their lives to God would mean the easiest life possible, one in which they receive everything they pray for.  Then someone they love dies, or they don’t make the sports team, or they don’t get the job.  God doesn’t promise an easy life.  In fact, for the believer, He promises trouble.  We want to prepare these campers to trust God when it’s not easy.  That is when His power is mostly clearly seen.  the truth is that our experiences of disappointment come from imperfect people in an imperfect world.  We can, however, trust in a perfect God.  It will take a leap of faith and daily smaller leaps of faith.  There leaps can be scary, but never disappointing in the end.

What about you?  Do you feel God can be trusted?  Do you know what He promises in His Word, or do you base what you believe about God on things you’ve heard or things you think God should be?  Has the god in your mind disappointed you?  I pray that you will seek out in God’s Word what He really does promise, and know that He always does what He says He will do.  The true God can be trusted!”

God has called Ponderosa Bible Camp to be a ministry that clearly and boldly shares the Gospel of Christ to all who attend.  Ponderosa Bible Bible Camp offers affordable, week-long overnight camps during the summer, as well as weekend retreats in the spring and fall.  Sessions are available for different age groups, starting with elementary and going through high school.

Ponderosa Bible Camp has a great reputation and has been operating since 1976!  It is an affiliate of Children’s Bible Ministries, a non-denominational ministry focused on children and teens. Ponderosa Bible Camp  is located atop Lookout Mountain in Mentone, AL on the banks of The Little River

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