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helping_childMany times people ask “what isChildren’s Bible Ministries all about?” Simply, it is teaching children about the Word of God. But, there is more to this statement. Behind it are the people who make it happen. These are the workers, the hands of God,  who offer their lives to Him.

So often these people go about doing what has to be done and that is just that.  But what if these people didn’t listen as God worked on their hearts, then nothing would happen. Or they chose not to respond? Then what would happen?  Lives would not be changed.  Hearts would not be healed and God’s love would not be revealed.

Thankfully, people do listen and respond and because of that, blessings follow.


Here is an observation by one of our missionary candidates-

“Have you heard the adage? People will not care how much you know until they know how much you care.  The teachers and helpers with Children’s Bible Ministries demonstrate how much they care by faithfully volunteering their valuable time and resources to teach the truth of God’s Word to our precious children. Their delight is on the kind of observable results of seeing children and parents looking forward to the weekly clubs, responding to invitations for salvation or other counseling, inviting other children to clubs, asking serious questions about biblical truths, working hard on their take-home papers and memory verses. The Character Building Club workers not only devote the time to prepare and go to clubs, but also to pray for the families, create games and crafts to reinforce the lessons, and follow up by communicating with the parents and children between the times clubs meet.  They also spend their own money on the expensive gas needed to go to and from clubs.  The children and their families have observed how much these teachers and helpers care about them.”

Maggie SmithChildren’s Bible Ministries Maryland

During this time of year when we are focusing on the greatest gift, the Lord Jesus Christ, let’s remember all the workers who show through words and deeds the love of God.



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