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CBM Ponderosa Camp

We had a great summer camp! Numbers were up over the last year and we had 20 decisions for Christ, 47 assurances, and many Christian lifestyle commitments.   Here is an except from Aaron Miller about can God be Trusted? “The theme this summer was “Who Can You Trust?” Trust is one thing that usually gets harder as you get older.  Experience teaches us that people let you down.  This life itself with its death, sickness, disappointments etc., teaches us not to trust in anything.  The more I experience this world, the more I may be led to ask, can I really trust in anything or anyone?  It sounds pretty dangerous!  It is easy ...

What is Fear

The other day my co-worker shared with me this great acronym for “fear”: F = false E = evidence A = appearing R = real It is good to remind ourselves often of the things we worried about that never happened, of the needs we had that God provided, of the hard times that God brought us through, of the things God worked together for our good, of all the ways that God showed us His love and proved Himself faithful. Romans 8:28 “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose.”

Put Everything Into God’s Hands

This was taken from my daily calendar of godly principles and has been an encouragement to me to continue to put everything into God's hands...   "We would fret less and trust more if we could simply see things through God's eyes, think His thoughts, know His mind, understand His plan, and be more familiar with His ways.  God will show us many things along the way, but He often holds back the details of what He is doing with us and for us.  He does this, not to keep us in the dark, but to keep us dependent upon Him."  by Roy Lessin