CBM National Intern-God’s Perfect Timing

By CBM National intern, Andrew Willis – 


My first rotation as a CBM National Intern is to Camp Gilead in Polk City, Florida! I’m excited for many reasons. For one, I’m fond of my childhood memories and I love spending time reminiscing. I spent my childhood in Dade City, FL, only an hour from Camp Gilead. Of course, going back to Florida for sentimental reasons is just a bonus. Gilead was one of the camps which I was interested in going to on rotation. My interest was really piqued when I heard about their ministry using animals and how they tie the gospel into God’s creation. I also was interested in the many other outdoor ministries that they have. It will be a good learning experience that I will be able to take with me throughout my internship and beyond. I didn’t expect to be sent to Gilead because they have their own local, on-site intern program, so it was a great surprise when I was told where I would be spending the summer!

I am amazed at how God works. For two years now, I have wanted to take a trip to Florida for memories’ sake. Of course, I was thinking a personal vacation. However, every time I would get the money saved up, things would come up such as car repairs, my job wouldn’t let me off, etc. I didn’t blame God for it, that would be a bit drastic, but I was disappointed that my plans didn’t work out.

When I signed up for the CBM National internship, I did it when God wanted me to. I had already planned to travel to Florida around May for one of my childhood friend’s (Katie) wedding. Therefore, I originally planned to wait until the September 2016 rotation to sign up. God had other plans, however. My preacher kept giving a sermon all through November 2015 saying that if God is calling you to do His work, you do it when He wants, not when you want. I finally got the message after three Sundays in a row and I knew what God was trying to tell me. I told Katie that I decided to put my plans on hold and follow Him. What I didn’t know was that God was going to allow me to travel to Florida to serve Him at the same time I had originally planned to be there. Who knows, maybe I can make it to Katie’s wedding after all. Either way, I’m joyful because I’m following God and moving according to His perfect timing.

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