CBM Mission Trip – Part of The Family

By CBM National Intern, Sarah Pafford

I am continually amazed by the power of the body of Christ! Within a year, I’ve been from Spokane, Washington to Townsend, Tennessee to Mentone, Alabama, and now to La Paz, Honduras. At each of these places, I have found a home in the family of God, whether with many people or just a couple. The most exciting of these places, of course, has been Honduras.


Never having visited a foreign country before, I didn’t know what to expect. I had imagined that being in a Spanish-speaking church would be an amazing experience but at the same time, that it might feel awkward and uncomfortable. We visited one small church and at the beginning of the service, the pastor, through an interpreter, told us that he hoped we would feel at home. As they began to sing their worship songs and then performed a dance especially for us, you could start to sense the unity in the small building. We then had the opportunity to sing three songs for them and perform a short skit. There was such an incredible connection and I can’t tell you how much I felt at home with my brothers and sisters in Christ!


Even though we couldn’t understand each other’s words, we knew we had one huge, common passion: our Savior, Jesus Christ! I am so humbled to have been welcomed so openly into this country and embraced as if I were family. The encouragement in my heart will last forever! The memories of the moments when God touched my heart through a new friend or the moments He used me to touch them will continually stay with me. I am so overwhelmed with the power of my God and the insurmountable measure of His love for His children. No matter where you find yourself, whether in the states or abroad, if your heart is in the Father’s hands then you are safe in the family of God. We are constantly surrounded by love and encouragement at any turn. We are a family for eternity! Gloria a Dios!



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