CBM Internship Program – Why Did You Run?

By CBM National intern,  Andrew Willis – 


It’s hard to believe that this is my next to last blog post as a CBM National Intern! It seems like I started this internship just a few months ago. I’m now at Cornerstone Ministry Center in Jefferson, PA, and it has already been such a good experience for me. I have been working with Ms. Cathy in the office and around the property,and I have been helping Mrs. Judy with Released Time. This is the most I have been involved with ReleasedTime and I have picked up some good teaching tips. I will eventually get the chance to teach the classes. It will be a wonderful experience for me to grow and get better at public speaking and teaching.

I was invited to Mrs. Judy’s house one evening where we had steak that was fresh from their family butcher shop. We also had some corn, potatoes, bread, and cheesecake!  We were watching Gunsmoke after dinner,and this particular episode reminded me of Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.”

In the episode, a man named Billy got framed for murder. Billy didn’t commit the murder but he let fear control him, and he ran away. The marshal was Billy’s friend and knew that he didn’t kill the girl, even though some thought he did. Because Billy ran, the marshal and his deputy had to go find him. Billy ended up running into a farmer and killed him to steal his horse. Soon after that, the marshal caught up to Billy and took him back into town. They proved Billy’s innocence,  but of course the marshal still had to lock him up for the murder he did commit. What got me thinking about all this is when Billy was behind bars, the marshal looked at him and said,”You never should have run.”

Now imagine, if you will, that God is the marshal and Billy represents a saved person trying to run from God’s calling for their life. The longer that person runs from God’s calling, the more they may fall into sin. God can and will still use you, but if you run for too long, God may eventually use someone else where He wanted to use you. Imagine that this is you now, being called by God. After you leave this world in death, would He say to you, “I had all these wonderful plans and blessings for your life; you never should have run” or will He say, “Well done,my good and faithful servant”?

I tried to ignore God’s calling for a while, but I’m glad He doesn’t give up after the first time. At first when a man I greatly admire recommended the CBM National Internship to me, I tried to run away from it. I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to speak in front of people or I would have to quit halfway through because I ran out of money. Well God doesn’t make mistakes, and I’m glad I decided to trust Him. God gave me the courage I needed to trust in Him, and He has provided all my needs throughout the internship. Now, I can be a testimony to other people that God does stand firm on His promises. Just like the old hymn says, “’Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus.”

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