CBM Intern – Victory at Last

By CBM National  Intern, David Davison

In my six summers of camp ministry, cooking through the ranks of the kitchen, I have been told countless times that Camp Victory in Samson, Alabama (https://www.campvictoryal.org/) would be a wonderful place for me to grow in my organizational skills, and that it would also be a fantastic opportunity for me to work with Barb Shearer, who has been cooking there for over 30 years!

Victory lake

For my second rotation with the CBM National Internship, I was assigned to Camp Victory for the months of March and April, for a total of eight weeks, and my time there was very well spent. In March, I sat in on a handful of Released Time Classes. It was nice to see the ways they taught and touched the lives of children for Christ. Nearly every weekend there was a rental/guest group or a retreat hosted by Camp Victory, so naturally I helped feed them. I loved working with Barb in the kitchen. She is a joy to learn from and I am thankful that I was able to glean much insight about hospitality and kitchen ministry from her. In April, the Victory staff spring cleans the whole campus, and they were excited to have two extra people to help (Ada and myself). The process took about a week, and I enjoyed working with the staff and seeing their testimonies lived out.

The Victory staff is such an encouragement and they blessed Ada and I beyond measure. During our downtime, we were with Amy Warr, one of the Victory staff missionaries, and she opened her home to us and loved us as family. In my time with the Lord, one passage I read over and over was the book of Philemon. My desire is that my ministry would be one that would build up my brothers and sisters in Christ, and that I would treat those in positions under me (kitchen assistant, junior staff) as brothers and sisters in Christ, as Paul encouraged Philemon to do, and just as the Victory staff loved me.

Amy, Jan, David, and Ada

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