CBM Intern – Two Things That Everyone Has to Deal With

By CBM National intern, Joe Kirkland – 

There are two things that are sure in life—death and taxes. Taxes are easy to explain, biblically. Tithes in the Old Testament acted as a tax to take care of those who had no means to live. Taxes were used by every other empire, requiring everyone to give a percentage of their overall profit or harvest. Those taxes were used to build empires, armies, and political campaigns. It’s kind of the way the people are supposed to give back to the government that they live under.

Death is the trickier of the two to talk about. There are three things to say about your life: how you lived in the past, how you are living now, and what you believe happens after life on earth ends. Put all those together and you get your testimony. At some point in this life we will pay taxes. We will also all face death. The most important part of your testimony is what you believe about death. Where will you go when you die? It’s a question every ideology or belief system tries to answer, so it must be a pretty important one for Christianity.

There are basically two outcomes for Christians in life-threatening events: they live through that event or they die. To live enables them to continue to spread Christ through out the uttermost parts of the earth. To die means going to Heaven and leaving those they love behind. If those loved ones are also Christians, the separation is only temporary.

Recently I experienced the departure of my Grandfather. He loved the Lord and knew many things about the Bible. I am very sure he was a Christian and was ready for Heaven. I look forward to seeing him again even though that may be many years from now.

In the end, God makes all things come together for good, for those that love Him. This promise has a condition that has to be upheld first, which is, for those who love Him. So, if the one whose life is being threatened loves God, they can take comfort in the fact that God works all things together for good–whether they live to tell their testimony of what God has done for His glory or they die and leave a testimony that might lead others to God.

Death is a separation from this earthly world. To the believer it is a time to go to the Lord and with other believers; to the unbeliever it is a hopeless end. A hopeless end that believers have the answer to if only they will share it.

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