CBM Intern – Are You Ready to be Changed?

By CBM National intern, Mark Martens –

Are You Ready to be Changed?
This is the story of a boy who grew up with two loving parents. One day, this boy’s parents explained the Gospel to him and he realized he was in need of a Savior. So, he asked God to save him from his sins and be the Lord and Savior of his life. However, this boy was really shy and when I say shy, he was really, really shy. Over the course of his life, he would get a little better with his shyness. It was during his junior year of high school that his family would make a decision that would change his life forever. His parents felt the call into full-time ministry and would end up working as missionaries at a camp. The boy, who is now a young adult, would end up being a counselor at this camp and that is when the change in his shyness would begin.
As most of you probably already figured out, that was a brief testimony leading up to my first year as a junior counselor at CBM’s Camp Grace. When I first became a camp counselor, it was certainly a stretching experience. I did not know if I would be able to do it but God was able to use that summer to grow me. This continued throughout the summers I worked at camp. God would take some area of my life that I was not really comfortable in and He would slowly stretch me in it. It has been really cool to see the change God has done in my life. I had never really looked back to see this change until one of the CBM missionaries at Camp Red Arrow where I am serving as a CBM National Intern mentioned to me. He told me I had really surprised him this summer. He had been at Camp Grace a while back as our camp speaker and he remembered me as a laid back, quiet counselor. He was really surprised to see me up front leading games, skits, and various other things. When I look back, I know that was all a God thing. Because if you had told that young, shy boy that he would be leading crazy skits in front of a bunch of campers and staff, he would probably have run away in fear.
That’s the amazing thing about camp. God can use it to change people in ways they would never imagine. I have seen it in my life and I have seen it in the lives of campers and fellow counselors. I would never have imagined God would have given me the desire to be a camp program director but I allowed God to work through me. That is a major key to God changing our lives. We need to be willing to be used by Him. If we try to put limitations on Him, we might miss the wonderful things He has in store for our lives. Are You Ready to be Changed?

Missions isn’t often what people think. God will use US in all our failings with all different skills and abilities for HIS Kingdom work! It is a blessing to hear those who stand up and say that they have trusted Him as their Lord and Savior! #whywedowhatwedo

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