CBM Intern – It Doesn’t End Here

By CBM National intern, Jordan Mancari – 

It’s hard for me to believe, that by the time you read this I will have completed the CBM National Internship. It’s been a great journey and God has blessed me in so many various ways. In this blog, I’m going to briefly share some of the things God has taught me at my different rotations.

Months at CBM HQ

During my 4 months of training at CBM HQ, one of the biggest things God taught me was to fully rely on Him. My biggest fear coming into the internship was raising support for our post-summer mission trip to Moldova. However, God gave me an overwhelming peace, and told me to put it into His hands; to my surprise, I was able to raise most all of my support by the summer.

Camp Grace (Summer Rotation)

During my time at CBM’s Camp Grace, God showed me that you’re not always going to be doing something you enjoy in camp ministry. During my time there, I was doing media. I was in charge of taking photos and making videos at the end of the week for the campers to take home. At first I couldn’t quite understand why God had me doing this; but eventually, I heard God telling me to honor Him through it, and that’s what I did. Even though I didn’t necessarily enjoy every moment of what I was doing, God still used it to teach me that sometimes He will call us to things we don’t enjoy to teach us more of Him.

Camp Victory (Fall Rotation)

At Camp Victory, God really began to give me a heart to reach children with the gospel. During my time there, I was able to help with Released Time. If you know anything about me, you know that I absolutely love teaching and it’s one of my strengths. However, I don’t have a lot of experience teaching young children. Over the course of being at Camp Victory, God really began to give me a heart for loving young children, and teaching them in order to expand His kingdom.

Camp Gilead (Winter Rotation)

At Camp Gilead, God really taught me that it is ok to not know what you want to do next. One of the things I really fought with during my time there was being almost done with my internship but having no clue where I felt led to go next. One day I sat down with Camp Gilead’s Director, and almost broke down telling him how depressed I was with not knowing where to go next. Through this conversation, he told me about his journey from Camp Grace to Camp Ta-Pa-Win-Go to Camp Gilead, and how it’s really ok to not know where you want to go next. Ultimately, God will place you where He wants you.

There’s just so much I’ve learned over the course of the CBM National Internship that it would take me forever to explain it, but God has used it to take me and mold me into the person who stands before you today. Though I may not know yet where God wants me to go next, I know He has a great plan for my life and ultimately that it’s not over yet!

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