CBM Intern – A Cabin and a Mighty God

by CBM National intern, Jake Taylor  –

Well, the time came and went. My time in the CBM Internship has ended! What a year it has been. I have traveled through a lot of the eastern United States going to my different rotations.  Watching how God provided was humbling. Money may have been tight but He proved, time and time again, that He would meet my needs. All I had to do was trust Him


It sounds so easy—just trust Him—but I found myself repeatedly trying to make it on my own; trying to put the pieces back together. The Lord was patient with me and, over time, showed me that I didn’t have to do it on my own. He showed me that He brought me to this internship, not to fail, but to glorify Him; that He would take care of everything if I just focused on Him.

It was when I went to Camp Gilead on my fourth rotation that He showed me a cabin. It was burned down.  All that was left of it were the block walls, tile, and concrete foundation. All I saw was a broken building.  It wasn’t a cabin anymore, it was just a shell that was going to take a few years before it could be rebuilt. God likes fixing broken things though. He has a plan for everything and part of that plan was for me to help restore something broken. I worked with the staff to bust up the concrete and the tile. I watched as, in the last couple weeks I was there, this ruin went from a shell to a cabin, on a fast track to be completed. Why? So, it could be used to bring children to Him.

At the beginning of this internship I was a lot like that cabin. I was broken and didn’t know how to serve Him. He brought me here to learn how to serve Him better. He brought me here to heal me. He brought me here to teach me so that I could pass on what I have learned and glorify Him through it. God didn’t bring us to where we are to fail, He brought us here to teach us, to prepare us for the awesome life He planned for us by serving Him. So, surrender your burdens to Him, and keep your eyes firmly on Him.

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1 Reply to "CBM Intern - A Cabin and a Mighty God"

  • Cathy
    November 10, 2017 (7:40 pm)

    Thanks Jake for being faithful and sticking it out to the end! We appreciated having you with us at Cornerstone and I know that you were a blessing to the Gilead staff.

    I enjoyed reading your article and can see that God has used your time working on the cabin to work on you! Keep walking with the Lord. He has a special plan and a special place in the world for you. Miss Cathy

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