CBM Intern – Just a Closer Walk with Thee

By CBM National Intern, Ana Rodriguez –

The title of this hymn is my desire and it is due to the grace of God, through spiritual disciplines. The Lord has been opening my eyes to the great privilege and power of prayer. He has brought me to meditate on its purpose, its goal, its influence, and so on. When it comes to prayer, there seem to be so many different, sometimes opposite, perspectives which can shape and blur my own beliefs. Yet I hope to remain grounded, looking always to God’s Word as the ultimate source of truth. The Lord has used other resources, such as insightful books and inspiring sermons, to deepen my understanding of prayer as well. I am not yet far in this journey but I am eagerly anticipating the many things I have to learn and the many ways I need to grow. Amidst the questions and doubts which accompany my studies, I rest in the knowledge of His grace in Christ.

More than prayer, the Lord has convicted me about my listening skills.  By this I mean reading His Word, hiding it in my heart, and understanding it through the wisdom given by His Holy Spirit living in me. I often ask the Lord for guidance and clarity but the Lord has allowed me to see the many ways in which I am distracted and inattentive to His voice. He is correcting my misconceptions, not only about prayer, but also about what it means to hear from Him. We often seek personalized instructions for our lives but, in reality, God has already spoken and it is written down in His Word for us, but are we listening?


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