Camp From Inside the Kitchen

By David Davison

Back a few years ago, some of the only interaction I had with campers consisted of asking them if they would like green beans with their lunch or dinner.  And now it seems like I have less interaction with them than I did then, aside from the campers who have special dietary requirements. There are times when I am prepping for the next meal and I see a counselor and their camper come into the Dining Hall to rest or to have a moment of discipleship. At times the enemy can try to tell us that what we are doing doesn’t have any effect on the campers spiritually or that we are missing out on relationships outside of the kitchen. Those lies can be so difficult to work through and get past when our perspective is not on Christ and the work He has set before us. Although those of us in support roles like the kitchen or the office don’t have direct interaction with campers, we are able to support and encourage the others that do.

Throughout the day, as counselors pass through the kitchen, I hear what they have on their hearts and I am able to pray for them, from the ones that come in just as I make the coffee at six in the morning to the ones that need another caffeine boost in the evening before chapel. I may take a short pause from cooking between meals, but I never stop praying for my campers, counselors and staff. The Lord gives me much joy in knowing that I am able to support those around me in that way.

“At times the enemy can try to tell us that what we are doing doesn’t have any effect on the campers spiritually…Those lies can be so difficult to work through and past when our perspective is not on Christ and the work He has set before us.”

When we tend to focus on the relationships outside of the immediate circle God has us in, we can so easily miss out on the relationships around us. Each summer I work directly with eight to twelve students who serve under me in the kitchen. In some ways, they are my “campers” while they are in the kitchen. It is so easy to see their hearts for the Lord and where they are in their walk with Christ through their work, actions and prayer requests. It is a blessing to see the Holy Spirit grow these teens into young men and women who are excited about serving the Lord throughout their lives.

Although I am not able to be with our campers much, I do try to take the opportunities I have and encourage them in the ways I can, be it through a fresh cookie and fellowship for a homesick camper or for a camper stung by a bee. As Christians, Christ can be and should be seen through our daily actions and lives. I strive to serve Christ and live in a way that He can be seen by the campers as they eat their meals, that Christ is my focus and the one who I joyfully and heartily serve.

Summer camp sure looks different from my side of the serving line, but I wouldn’t change it for anything! I truly enjoy my ministry inside my larger ministry of serving at Camp! God is Good.
Written by David Davison, a CBM Intern Graduate from Team #1, currently serving as Camp Cook and Guest Group Coordinator at CBM’s Camp Grace. To learn more about the ministry of Camp Grace, click

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2 Replies to "Camp From Inside the Kitchen"

  • Laben Welch
    May 30, 2019 (7:26 pm)

    David is such a direct blessing and encouragement to everyone who gets anywhere near him. His positive, humble, up-beat attitude is particularly inspiring and bolsters everyone he meets. And let me tell you, the campers and staff all love those meals! What a blessing to have delicious food waiting for us at every meal. Without David and Christ-like servants like him, camps couldn’t function at all! Thank you David, and thank you each of you at CBM who serve behind the scenes.

  • Bob Carver
    May 31, 2019 (12:46 pm)

    Excellent thoughts. God bless your work. Serve the Lord with gladness.

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