As White as Snow

By Rhiannon Grace, CBM National Intern –

“We will have our sins washed white as snow.” That is a very common theme in a lot of Christian songs and books but, growing up where I did, I am not sure that I have ever fully understood that phrase. After all, I only saw snow twice in California. The first time, my best friend had been watching the weather forecast for two weeks and there was a 40% chance of snow, which was the highest we had ever seen it. It snowed just enough to make two muddy snowballs, after searching the whole yard for surfaces it could land on, such as tarps or cars. The second time was when we were camping in the Sierra Mountains and there was a small flurry of flakes that melted as soon as they hit the ground. The first time I saw real snow that stayed on the ground was after I moved to Tennessee in 2015.  Even then I still did not fully comprehend the amazingness of that statement, “washed as white as snow.” But now, as of this April, I think I can finally grasp at least a snippet of this well-known phrase.

It was super exciting for me as the beautiful white flakes hit the ground at Cornerstone Ministry Center, in Southwest Pennsylvania, where I spent this past rotation. It was mid-March and, by this time, it had snowed for quite a few days, on and off. I think I was the only one not saddened by the fact that it was still snowing. We had finished most of the work we could for that day and I was practically leaping for joy at the fact that it had finally happened—there was enough snow to build a snowman. This was something I had only dreamed about in California.  And in Tennessee I was always at the wrong place at the wrong time. But here in Pennsylvania it had finally happened.

As soon as I got permission to take a break from work, I was off to find the new gloves I had bought earlier that month and get my warmest jacket. Now bundled up, I made my way outside and began my creation of snow. As I worked, my fingers grew numb and it dawned on me—the realization that the snow had no dirt in it, no rocks, no slush.  It was pure.  But, if I went just a little too far down, the whole thing would look dirty, whether I dug up just a pebble or a whole handful of dirt. I felt like the snowman was like us. In that, with just a little dirt, the whole thing looked gross.  Even if there is a little sin in us, everything looks gross. I could do nothing to fix the dirt.  If I tried to, it would have left holes in my snowman. And yet, God has the power to wash us white as snow.  He can make us clean again. Whether we have a little dirt on the outside or if there are full size rocks and pebbles inside of us, He still has the power to cleanse us.

I finally understand the phrase “He washed us white as snow.” A pure clean beauty that I am not sure anything I know of even compares to. I have always been thankful to God for washing our sins as white as snow. But now that I understand just how amazing that feat is, especially with how easy it is to get dirt on ourselves, I am all the more thankful for what God has done.

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