9 Reasons you should be a part of Team #9

Written by CBM Intern Alumni (Alumterns) –

Hello upcoming graduate. Yep, I am speaking to you again. I wanted to share a few reasons I think you should be a CBM National Intern.  But don’t take my word for it! I want you to hear from those who have been through the program. So, here are 9 reasons you should be a part of Team #9, from the perspective of CBM Intern Alumni (Alumterns).

      1. Your family will expand – Jerri Carpenter

There are so many wonderful reasons to become a CBM Intern. My favorite reason is because you get to expand your family. You gain more family through: your team that you are on and the other teams of interns, the CBM National staff, whole camps, and, sometimes, you literally expand your family. There is so much love to be given and to receive! For my husband and I, as well as another couple that were interns, we literally expanded our biological family. We either were pregnant or gave birth by the end of our time as interns and we would want it no other way! We both welcomed beautiful baby boys into this new, big, awesome family!

     2. You will grow in your spiritual walk – Emileah Hawkins

Since joining this program I have become much closer to God. I am in an environment that encourages growth. It is hard to grow spiritually when you are distracted by the world. By being here, many of those distractions are gone and I am able to focus on God. I have time set aside to pray, read the Bible, memorize scripture, and do devotionals. I am able to get a better understanding of who God is and how great His love is.

     3. You will have fun as you learn and grow – Joseph Kirkland

Joining the internship is like getting your teeth brushed by God. Brushing the scum off your teeth with abrasive paste and water is not required to live, but it is overall better for both your relationships and physical health. You’ll also make inside jokes without trying or realizing it, through fellowship. Like comparing God sanctifying Christians with brushing teeth. Speaking of which, has God brushed your teeth lately?

     4. You will discover your strengths and weaknesses – Paul Daly

I joined the CBM National Internship right after graduating from high school, unsure of where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do, or who I wanted to be. The internship was essential in helping me find my strengths and passions, as well as my shortcomings. Even though I still don’t have all the answers, I feel prepared to follow God to wherever He sends me next.

     5. You will get equipped to “GO!” – Ada Smith

The greatest commandment God gave us is to love Him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. Out of that love flows the desire to obey Him and share His love with the world. It’s so easy, though, to get distracted and caught up in life–a job, shopping, video games, family events, social media.  These are not bad things. But they can consume us and keep us in our comfort zone. God calls us to so much more. The internship provides a perfect situation to be stretched and challenged, while serving Jesus with a focus on reaching kids with the gospel.

     6. You will gain valuable ministry experience – Stephanie Schwan

The CBM internship is an amazing way to experience ministry life! Maybe you’re eager to dedicate your life to serving God in full time ministry and you’re just looking for the right place to get plugged in. Maybe you have a ministry in mind already and you’d like to gain some experience in the field to better equip you for the work to come. Maybe you’re brand new to ministry and the opportunity to try your hand at many different ministry roles appeals to you. Or maybe, like me when I began the internship, you have an interest in ministry, but you aren’t sure yet if God would have you be involved in it full time. Wherever you are in your journey of serving God, whatever your interests and talents may be, the CBM internship has a place for you! Through the program, you are able to serve in many diverse ministry roles from administration to groundskeeping to music to teaching to social media to international missions, all in a single year! Whether you catch the bug and dive into full time missionary work, or simply gain valuable skills you can take with you into another field, your internship will be an unforgettable experience of personal and spiritual growth! It’s a must for any young (or young-ish) person with a heart to serve God.

     7. You will learn to walk on water – Ana Rodriguez

Matthew provides a miraculous account in chapter 14 and, as I reflect on the experience of this internship, I feel there are several transformational parallels which can be drawn. Those present at the time of this miracle were the disciples; they had just witnessed the power of God through the feeding of the five thousand and were sent away by boat. I think many of us can relate to the disciples in that we have heard the truth of God’s word, we have witnessed the power of God and, yet, we sometimes fail to truly grasp the gravity of who God is.

Then came the storm, as it does in our own lives. Peter, filled with faith in Christ, got out of the boat and walked on the water. This internship is the opportunity to get out of the boat; to learn to trust fully in the Lord and experience, maybe for the first time, what it means to walk by faith.

Then came the doubt, as it does in our own hearts. Peter began to sink, but he was not alone; he was not forsaken. This internship provides a beautiful picture of Christ as He reached to pull Peter out of his fear. The missionaries of CBM serve with this same mercy of Christ. They point you to the author and perfector of our faith and their hearts are for your growth. They tenderly remind you that the God who calms the storm, with the sound of His voice, is the same God who calls you to missions and equips you to accomplish His will.

     8. You will take Bible Classes – Justin Rorex

One of my favorite parts of the internship were the classes that we took. Even though I came from a Christian home, I felt I was lacking in basic biblical knowledge. The classes that were provided helped me get a better understanding of who God is and what exactly He has called us to do. From Old Testament to Apologetics to Evangelism. These classes helped prepare me for the work He has called me to do. No matter what level of biblical knowledge you have, these classes are meant to help take you deeper in your relationship with Christ and to better serve Him.

     9. Why shouldn’t you be an Intern? – Ansley Blake

The real question is, “Why shouldn’t you be an intern?” Many things may deter you from applying to this internship: finances, anxiousness, not being a “social butterfly,” addictions, or any other excuse out there to keep you from joining the program. If God has led you to be an intern, He will make it possible for you to follow His lead. He will provide. He will walk with you every single step of the way. He will even carry you, if needed! You might be fearful, anxious, or broken. God can mend you through this internship, if you let Him. He can turn your life around completely, if you surrender all to Him. He will bring godly people into your life, to learn from and fellowship with. He will open your eyes and transform your perspectives. He will show you His 100% unconditional love. Being an intern will not always be easy, but it will be one of the greatest decisions you ever make. Do not let fear keep you from a life-altering experience!

If you are interested in learning more about the CBM National Internship CLICK HERE or to contact our National Intern Coordinator CLICK HERE.


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