5 Reasons You Should Apply for the CBM Internship Even if You Already Have a Degree

Written by Ryanne Stout –

My name is Ryanne and I was in the 1st team of interns with Children’s Bible Ministries. It was a life changing experience and I’m so grateful for my time in the CBM Internship Program. One of the things that made me hesitant to apply for this internship was that I went to Liberty University and studied Ministry. I sat under some of the leading professors in the US, taking ministry focused classes, and I did a ministry internship while I was there. So why do CBM’s internship? These are the top 5 reasons I would recommend the CBM Internship Program for college graduates.

1)     Specialized Classes

As an intern, your first 4 months are spent at the National office where you will take practical ministry classes. These classes are taught by current CBM missionaries, as well as volunteers, who have many years of experience in the areas they are teaching. In these classes you will build a ministry website, learn how to answer phones in a professional manner, create a budget for support raising, give your testimony, ask people to support the ministry, teach Bible lessons to children, and the list goes on and on. These classes will prepare you and give you practical experience in things you will face later in the internship and in your future ministry.

2)     Support Raising Experience

A key part of any ministry is raising support, whether for the ministry or yourself as a missionary. When you work with a faith-based ministry like CBM, support raising is a way of life. Not only will you participate in the annual fundraisers for the National office, but you will also raise support for an overseas trip. Over the course of the internship you will learn how support raising works and how to ask people to partner with you in ministry, so that you will be equipped to build a support base for yourself and your ministry.

3)     Specific In-the-Field Training

One of the reasons you do any internship is to gain a better understanding of the actual job you are considering, before you commit to it. The truth is, you can spend all the time you want studying about something, but you won’t know if you enjoy it until you are doing it every day. As an intern you will participate in many different jobs around camp, from the office to the program staff to cleaning and maintenance.  You will gain a well-rounded understanding of what camp ministry looks like all year round.

4)     A Broad Perspective of CBM

When you work under an umbrella ministry like CBM, it’s easy to experience one area and never see the whole. You will have the opportunity to visit 3 or more camps during the internship. Every camp in CBM has a different atmosphere and aesthetic. From New Life Camp in Downtown Raleigh, to Camp Victory in the backwoods of lower Alabama, to Camp Ozone in the mountains of Tennessee, you’ll find that the community surrounding each camp and the staff members who are there play a part in the feel and operations of each individual camp. You will see how each camp does things differently and be able to ask missionaries why they do things the way that they do.

5)     Ministry Connections

CBM is a big family. As an intern you will get to connect with missionaries at several different areas, as well as volunteers who serve in the different areas. The family atmosphere in CBM will be a source of great encouragement to you during your time serving with them and, long after the internship ends, you will have connections with ministry minded people who are serving the Lord all over the country.

If you are interested in learning more about the CBM National Internship CLICK HERE or to contact our National Intern Coordinator CLICK HERE.

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