A Note to the Parents

Written by Jacquelyn Davis, National Intern Coordinator –

Hello parents and grandparents! This blog is for you. We often write from the interns’ perspective, and usually to prospective interns, but today I want to write to all the parents, grandparents, friends and family members of those prospective interns. Maybe you are looking at the internship page because you think it would something you would like your son or daughter to do. Maybe it is because they have mentioned the program and are interested in it themselves. Or maybe you’re lost in the vast space we call the Internet. Whatever the case may be, welcome. I want to take a few minutes to share why the CBM National Internship program would be an amazing opportunity for that young person in your life.

My name is Jacquelyn Davis and I am the National Intern Coordinator for Children’s Bible Ministries. Three years ago, when God called me to this position, I had no idea what was in store. I knew I was called to go. I knew God was in this ministry and working mightily through it but I couldn’t have imagined what my life would be like as “Memaw,” as the interns so lovingly call me. What will your student gain from being a part of this program? Let me give you a short list:

  1. They will be saturated in a godly community.

When interns arrive, they are ushered into this new, awesome environment. We all know that ministry is difficult. Our desire here at CBM is not to shelter young people from that but, rather, to root them in good soil, so they can stand strong wherever God plants them. During the 3 weeks of orientation, interns are immersed in a strong biblical culture. We study the Word together, pray together, and put an emphasis on spiritual disciplines. This is the foundation for the next 4 months that will be spent at headquarters. The time at HQ is busy, and not easy, but it is in an environment designed to grow their walk with Christ and prepare them for whatever lies ahead. Everything we do and study revolves around our 5 core values that we pray become ingrained into the interns. Those core values are flexibility, unity, humility, excellence and servant leadership.

Students can’t help but grow during the program because of the environment and community that surrounds them. The community starts with their own team, a group of young people all dedicated to growing in the Lord. They then have the National staff, who all love them and pour into them. And that is just at the National Office! During rotations at other CBM Areas, they are surrounded by solid, godly missionaries and, of course, they are ushered into the family of the internship with alumterns who pray for them, reach out to them, and get to know them throughout the year-long program.

      2. They will be cared for.

One of a parent’  biggest concerns is the care of their child. I often talk about all the logistics of the internship program, but I want to break from that for a moment and just talk to you moms out there. God has given me this really unique ministry where He has given me an un-biological family. I truly see a each intern that comes into the program as a child the Lord has given me to care for during this time. They don’t call me Memaw for no reason. We truly love these young men and women and desire to see them be cared for–whether that means helping them set up doctor appointments, teaching them how to budget or cook a meal. No intern has gone hungry. No intern has been left stranded. If you talk to any of our alumterns, I know that they would tell you the internship is like a family. You can be assured that, if your son or daughter were to come into this program, they will be cared for and loved.

      3.They will mature and grow in Christ.

As I mentioned earlier, it is difficult not to grow in this program. Interns are challenged in spiritual disciplines and Bible knowledge through the Bible classes, Bible studies and godly fellowship. Interns are challenged to learn new skills throughout the entire program, whether that means housekeeping, office work, grounds keeping or programming. Meeting a variety of different personality types and learning how to work with all of them also challenges and stretches the interns! They learn by being on their own, cooking for themselves (and others), traveling from area to area, and learning time management.  The entire program is designed for growth! What an amazing opportunity to have a place that encourages change and growth and yet is safe. I love watching interns graduate from the program and seeing the maturity that has developed in their lives during the year of the internship.

I believe the biggest testimony of what happens to young people that go through the internship program comes from those who have graduated the program. I’ve watched as interns have come in with little Bible knowledge or time spent in the Word and, by the end, their testimony to others is that you MUST stay in the Word of God because you NEED it. It is life! I’ve seen relationships mended and built stronger through interns learning the principles in Matthew 18. I’ve watched as God stripped away things from an intern, one at time, until all she had left was Him.  And then I watched as He built her stronger and led her into full-time ministry, with a strong testimony of integrity and love for the Lord. I’ve watched as has God shown interns, again and again, that He will provide for their needs. I’ve watched as God gave boldness and confidence, again and again, to different interns as they had opportunities to minister and share the Word of God. Whatever they struggled with, whether it was not knowing what to say or fear of crowds, He overcomes it and works mightily through them–all for the glory of the Father. This is the CBM National Internship Experience.

If you are interested in learning more about the CBM National Internship CLICK HERE or contact our National Intern Coordinator CLICK HERE.

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