CBM Intern’s Reflection – A Great Calling

By CBM National Intern: Sarah Pafford

In our day and age, it’s so easy to become distracted with little or big issues that seem to plague our generation. Just looking into the state our country is in, it can become easy to get caught up in debates and focus on the negatives happening around us. I am as guilty as the next person for becoming distracted by things of this world.

Lately I’ve been reading through 1 Corinthians and have found myself encouraged and challenged by Paul’s words. One thing that is continually mentioned throughout this book is how everything comes back to the gospel. Through different topics that Paul touches on, he reminds us that our main mission on this earth is to represent the gospel everywhere we go and in everything we do. We are all called to live this out in so many different ways.

I Corinthians 7:17 – “Only let each person lead the life that the Lord has assigned to him, and to which God has called him. This is my rule in all the churches.” Reading further into chapter 7, as Paul hits on marriage, he makes a profound statement in verse 35 “…but to promote good order and to secure your undivided devotion to the Lord.”

In reading this it occurred to me that we, as human beings, have to have a purpose. It’s something we constantly strive for! We look for it in so many avenues but there is only One that will fulfill our true purpose: to devote ourselves to the Lord! This is something than can be fulfilled anywhere we find ourselves.

So now I want you to ask yourself this:

  1. Are you wondering what your calling is?
  2. Are you devoting yourself to the Lord in your current position?
  3. Where is your focus?

As I said at the beginning, it’s so easy to become distracted with the cares of this world, whether big or small. But what it comes down to is having our focus where it should be.  Our relationship with God and how we can live that out to represent the gospel everywhere we go is our calling as believers in Christ.

How are you living out this great call?





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