5 things I’m praising God for in the CBM National Internship

By CBM National intern, – Stephanie Schwan


  1. The people

Everyone I have met through the internship has had some word of wisdom, encouragement, or instruction for me. From my roommate to my bosses to my fellow interns, to volunteers, church members, guests, CBM veterans, missionaries, and pastors — everyone God has brought across my path during the last few months has helped me grow.

  1. God’s provision

All along the way God has provided all I have needed.  He’s brought me financial partners, people to pray for me, a place to stay, leftovers in abundance (I really love leftovers, like really. But that’s a whole different blog post.), people to help me out, advice, rest, health — He is too good to me!

  1. Beautiful places

Living here in the Smoky Mountains, we are surrounded by God’s gorgeous creation. The sunrise over the mountains, the misty hills, the spring flowers blooming, the moon and stars, singing birds, buzzing bees, scurrying squirrels — God must love beautiful things because He sure made a lot of them!  It’s hard to deny His hand in everything when you just look around you.

  1. Our classes

Through the internship so far, the other interns and I have had the opportunity to take lots of Bible classes. Studying God and His word has been both an encouragement and a learning experience. Our teachers really care about the truth and about seeing us grow in our faith; it certainly shows in their teaching during every class. The tools I have gained here, I can carry with me and use everywhere I go.

  1. Time with God

Spending time with God has been a huge part of my experience so far.  Even though our schedule as interns is always full and often feels hectic, the focus is always on our relationship with God.  Getting one-on-one time with God morning and night is what keeps me going and keeps me centered.  In everything, the internship is designed to draw you closer to God.  There is no substitute for talking with Him daily and spending time basking in His truth.

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