ROOTS- A Foundation For Life

hedgehogThis week we are highlighting  a new part of the ministry at our CBM area, Camp Grace in North Carolina. It’s called Roots, which are outdoor educational classes with the goal of building a foundation for life by teaching character and life lessons as they “discover” an appreciation for the  design of nature.  The kids will experience a “deepen” understanding of native and non-native wildlife, and “develop” communication, trust, faith and leadership skills through team-building activities.

butterflyThe camp is excited about the possibilities God has given them to impact lives and promote the ministries of Camp Grace through this new program. They will begin offering ROOTS trips to the public schools for the first time this fall. If you are interested in being a part of this program by bring a group, offering personal assistance or resources, or financially investing in this ministry, please contact Camp Grace at 910-628-5055 or visit www.

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