No Longer Enemies

bear and catRead a story the other day that has a good lesson about love.

The orange kitten was hungry. The grizzly bear was lonely. The man was apprehensive.

The kitten only weighed 10 oz. when he slid under the fence into the bear’s den. The man was in a panic thinking that the bear would eat the little kitten-carnivorous bears make larger animals a part of their diet.

The grizzly bear was named Griz and had come from a wildlife center when he was just a cub. He had been hit by a train while foraging on railroad tracks and suffered severe head injuries and was deemed unfit to return to the wild.

The kitten was one of four kitten abandoned at the center. They had found homes for three of the kittens, but Cat, as he was called, wasn’t adopted.

Then one day Cat turned up in Griz’s pen. Afraid to do anything to alarm the bear, the man watched expecting the worst. As the bear was eating his midday meal, something unbelievable happened. The bear very gently picked up a chicken wing with his forepaw and dropped it near Cat.

From that moment on, the two became inseparable. You would see Cat riding Griz’s back and Griz licking and nuzzling Cat. Their friendly relationship defies both the patterns of nature as well as their own troubled life histories. Griz never took advantage of Cat’s weakness and each animal has accommodated the others, needs.

What a lesson! We can help each other break free from the patterns of our past that keep us from loving each other. As we pray for and care for others with the love of Christ, we obtain healing by the grace of God, both for them and ourselves.

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