Lions, Tigers and Bears, OH MY!

daniel-lionDid you ever wander what Daniel felt like when he was thrown into
the den of lions? Do you think he was afraid of those lions? Would
you be afraid if someone lowered you into a den of lions and closed
the entrance? You bet ya! I would have been terrified but Dan wasn’t
afraid. He knew that God would take care of him no matter what. I can
just imagine Daniel talking to the lions and petting them like big old
pussy cats! He probably used one as a big fluffy pillow that night.

In the morning when the king called to Daniel he replied, “My God hath

sent his angel, and hath shut the lions’ mouths, that they have not hurt
me:” Daniel 6:22.

Fears can be like an overpowering lion in our life if we let them. All of
us have fears. Some fears are big, small, real or imagined. Fear is both
physical and emotional and can rob us of joy. We need to dare to be
like Daniel and face our fears believing that God will help you. The next
time you are afraid read Mark 5:36, “Don’t be afraid: just believe.”

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