My Cornerstone

By: CBM National Intern, Justin Rorex

Greetings, friends! Justin here reporting from CBM’s Cornerstone Student Ministries in PA. Camp is finally in full swing here! We just finished our first week of Day Camp/VBS. It was an amazing week, with a total of 66 kids registered to attend. We all had a wonderful time and the kids absolutely loved it! Before we started overnight camp, we had a work group coming up to help prepare the facilities. Our Elementary weeks are almost completely full and we are still receiving registrations for Teen Camp! These upcoming weeks will be super busy!

Day Camp workers

God has been so amazing, allowing me to get to know all the volunteers, staff, and board members. They have all been so welcoming and gracious to me. One thing God has been showing me during my time here has been to focus on similarities and not differences. Being the only Southerner here, I tend to stick out like a sore thumb, but God has taught me not to look at the differences (like NO SWEET TEA), but to focus on the things we have in common. CBM’s camps are spread out all over the U.S. and God has equipped each of us to serve differently. He has given us all the tools we need to accomplish our specific mission from Him. He gives different people different tools, but He gives us all the same mission, to spread the gospel.

Day Camp 2015 picture

So here is some advice: God made you perfect and unique. There is no one like you. You are a perfect masterpiece and you have a perfect Master. Don’t compare yourself to others. Don’t focus on the differences between yourself and other Christians, but focus on what you have in common: a perfect God who has a purpose for you, a Cornerstone you can always trust in!

Day Camp Pie Face

Pie eating contest

Until next time, guys! God Bless!


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