Living a Life of Faith

By: CBM National Interns, David and Elizabeth Price
Our internship experience, while being very similar to the other interns in some aspects, has also been very different simply for the fact that we are married. It means different budgeting and priorities for us and even a little bit of a different mindset as we are thinking through a future for ourselves as a couple, not as two single people.

We are in this internship because we firmly believe that God wants us to serve Him in full-time camp ministry and specifically with CBM. We both have spent many summers serving at Camp Grace in Fairmont, NC and we love CBM’s mission.

During our time in Townsend, TN, we received some valuable training and have been very encouraged by seeing the passion of the National Directors, Lincoln and Jamie, both for this ministry and for the Lord. We have also enjoyed getting to see other CBM areas and getting to be a small part of their ministry.

But it’s also been a time of a lot of questions such as: “Where does the Lord want us to go when this internship is over?” and “What if we don’t receive enough support?” And then, in addition to those common concerns that arise while being in a support based ministry, at the beginning of our internship we found out we are going to be parents, which made us wonder if we could even continue with theinternship and how we would afford it. There is also the added stress of finding a doctor and scheduling appointments. This internship has definitely been different for us! But through it all, the Lord has proved Himself faithful, as He always does.


While we are still not where we need to be with our financial support, God has supplied enough for right now. And we are definitely blessed with an abundance of prayer supporters.

We don’t know yet where the Lord is going to send us full-time after the internship, but it is very clear that being at Camp Victory for the summer is where we need to be right now. Not because they need us that much, but because through them, we are getting excellentand needed discipleship.

While it often doesn’t seem (in our minds) that this is a good time to be expecting a baby, we have been able to get doctors’appointments without any problems, even as we are in Alabama away from our regular doctor in TN. We are also very thankful that our baby boy is developing normally and is healthy.

There are still quite a few unanswered questions in our minds. Some days anxiety hits hard. But through it all, God has continually provided and has been faithful. So we will continue to “walk by faith, and not by sight.” (2 Corinthians 5:7)


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