Internship Program at Children’s Bible Ministries

By CBM National Intern, Ada

Hello!  My name is Ada and I am one of the 5 inaugural interns for CBM National!  Our internship is one whole year, in which we have 4 months of Bible and administrative classes followed by 7ish months of rotations at 3 of CBM’s different locations.  Of course, they won’t be having summer camp that whole time, so what exactly do we do when we are there?  That is a very good question.

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During my first 2 of the 7 months of rotations, I was at Camp Ozone in Rockwood, TN.  It was just acquired by CBM last year so they are still getting it up and running.  I had the privilege of telling people who live in the area about Camp Ozone.  The neat thing is, a lot of those people grew up going that camp.  But one day it was purchased by a church and used privately for quite a while.  Now that CBM owns it, the community is excited to be a part of it once again.  Seeing the excitement in people’s eyes as they told me about their experiences at Ozone and how happy they were to be able to go back was very encouraging.  I know God is really going to use Camp Ozone to be a blessing and shining light in that area.


I also had the opportunity to help one of our CBM missionaries with his Released Time classes.  I had a blast of course, because working with kids is my favorite thing.  One time, he even let me teach the lesson.  I told the story of Joseph, during the time he was in Egypt during the famine and his brothers came to visit him.  We talked about how God takes away the bitterness and anger that is in our hearts.  He changes us, helps us to forgive others, and gives us a clean heart!


One of my favorite things while I was assigned to Camp Ozone was the fact that we had two horses!  Feeding them every day took a lot of time and sometimes it was quite a hassle, like when the water pipe froze so we had to carry 5 gallon buckets to the barn for a few days.  But it was totally worth it to see their cute, fuzzy faces every day and love on them.


Being at Camp Ozone was a really neat experience because I got to be part of the very beginning stage of what this camp is going to become.  Please be praying that the rest of the funds needed to open this camp debt-free will be raised (you can support this cause at:, and that everyone who sets foot on the property, whether it is staff, volunteers, or campers, will be blessed, encouraged and be changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ!


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