Feeling at Home

By Josiah Zannino, CBM National Intern –

Hi, I am Josiah and I’m an intern with Children’s Bible Ministries (CBM). I have been in Samson, AL serving at Camp Victory. While I was serving at Camp Victory, I got to work with Paul, who is the maintenance supervisor, as well as Chad, the groundskeeper, and Daniel, another missionary. We worked fixing faucets and showers; we did electrical work; made trails in the woods; and picked up pinecones. They made work interesting and they made me feel at home. They talked to me. The way they talked to me gave me a good feeling—like when a dad takes his kid fishing, or to go get ice cream, and you feel a warmth coming from the heart. It just makes you feel good.

These men would encourage me while they talked about God. I listened to them and they listened to me. Sometimes it’s good to be listened too! Sometimes people are too busy to listen to other people. It’s good to hear people out because they might be hurting and feeling depressed.  You might have words to give them to cheer them up. Having them listen to me made me feel cheerful. Not only did they did they listen, they also joked with me. Christians can have fun and be sarcastic without having rude humor. People I worked with at various times during my rotation joked around with me. I am a very sarcastic person, so being with them was like being at home. You can have a good sense of humor and have fun being a Christian. I never knew you could have fun as a Christian. Before the internship, I wanted the world; I wanted to be like everyone else. But now that I have been around God’s people 24/7, I now want whatever God wants for me. Being around godly people is like being at home.

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