Half-Time at CBM

By Ryan Everritt, CBM National Intern –

Hello, my name is Ryan Everritt. I am from Chancellor, Alabama and I am an intern with Children’s Bible Ministries (CBM) National Internship Program. I am a student, in training for the mission field for Christ. I learned about Children’s Bible Ministries through friends of the family. They mentioned it to me twice, because I had forgotten about it the first time. Once I put my application in, and got accepted shortly after, I and my three new friends and fellow interns, William Martin, Adam Lowry and Emileah Hawkins, began our first four months of training at CBM National Headquarters, after which we will be sent on rotations to different CBM Areas. As of now, we’re halfway through the four months.

The things I’m learning now are perseverance, patience and leadership. They have not been easy lessons but Jacquelyn, our National Intern Coordinator, has been doing an excellent job in helping me focus on the things I want to learn. Besides leadership, my main goal here is to eventually become a lead pastor or youth pastor. I would also like to go evangelizing. So, the CBM National Staff have been helping me prepare and work toward these goals and develop other skills, such as how to write a blog and a newsletter; how to tell my testimony; how to clean and check a cabin; how to use the office printer/copier; how to use the Run-A-Thon spreadsheet and contact businesses for fundraising purposes.

One of the characteristics that I want to work on is joy, which is one of the fruits of the Spirit. One of the things I’ve enjoyed during the internship was, when we went to Camp Ta-Pa-Win-Go, I had fun playing with everyone in the gym. The reason we went was to help with a program called Skoolzout. The kids were there from 8:30 till 2:00, after which we were given the honors of a grand tour of the camp. Another time I felt joy was over two weeks ago when I talked to a good friend of mine over the phone for nearly an hour. A couple of days later, as my friends and I were heading back from Maryville, I had that joyful feeling which for me to explain would be difficult. The best way to explain is it’s the joy of Christ. This has been Ryan, speaking in writing form. Thanks for tuning in. Until next time, have a blessed day.​

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