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By CBM National intern, Josh Hopper  – 

I am on rotation at Camp Red Arrow.  We are preparing for an amazing summer of the Lord’s work in the lives of all the children that will be attending summer camp here. It will be wonderful to see how the Lord moves in the lives of these kids this summer.

Many of the kids coming to camp this year will be lost, broken, and searching for answers. See, for some of these kids, camp is the only exposure to Jesus Christ that they will ever have.  That’s why camp is so important, because it is where kids can come and find healing through Jesus.

I have been at Camp Red Arrow for a month now, doing maintenance.  I have had so much fun learning about camp and how it works.  It has been good to see how a camp comes together. This summer I can’t wait to see kids come to Christ, all because the staff and volunteers here have followed the call of the Lord to share His love with the lost, hurting world. God’s love is something the world needs to hear because they’re hurting so bad that they’re asking, “Why, God?” It breaks my heart to see the hurting souls of kids, teens, and adults struggling and broken.  But camp is one powerful way God can use to change their lives!

Camp is not just for kids; it’s also for teens and adults. As parents send their kids to camp, what do they do there? They learn about what Christ did for them on the cross and many respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ. When kids return home, they are so excited to tell their family about their experiences which, in return, can change their parents’ lives forever!

Please pray for the camp staff and the kids that will be hearing the gospel for the first time this summer.


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