Christian Intern – His Guiding Hand

By CBM National intern, Jake Taylor –

So, I have begun my final rotation as a CBM intern. I am both excited and sad for this rotation in particular. I am excited because I get to serve this summer as a Senior Counselor at Camp Ta-Pa-Win-Go! However, I am sad because, after this rotation, I won’t have much longer as an intern. I am so thankful for everything I have learned at each of the CBM areas I have been to.


I can’t wait for summer camp to start here! I am slightly nervous for this opportunity because I have never been a counselor before. I know there is a lot of responsibility and it seems like a daunting task. However, I also know that my God is bigger than my fears and He will guide my steps through the summer.


My fellow counselors and I have been going through training this week; we have been learning everything from policy and procedures, to games to play in the gym and the ropes courses, to cleaning the grounds! Throughout all of the activities we have been trying to promote teamwork, pointing the lessons of the game back to Christ and our day-to-day walk with our Lord. Summer camp may be the only time all year that these kids see an example of how a real Christian acts.


I have had the wonderful honor of doing devotions with the Junior Staff. I am waiting anxiously for the campers God puts in my life so I can talk to them about our God who loves them and the wonderful gift He gave us through His Son Jesus Christ. I know though that through the fun of camp I have to remember to focus on Him, find time to take a quiet moment to study so that I can share what I have learned, and tell the campers about the wonderful gift they can receive through Christ. Despite all my fears and lack of experience, God has placed me here at this appointed time in my life so that I can grow closer to Him and lead others to Him. He will guide my steps.

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