CBM Intern – A Year to Remember

By Ansley Blake, CBM National Intern –

Before beginning the CBM National internship, I wasn’t living for the Lord. I was living for the world, yet I claimed to be a follower of Christ. The internship was a last minute thing. I did not know what I wanted to do with my life and the internship advertised that it would help you find God‘s will for your life, so I signed up. Through the internship, God has opened my eyes to things I could’ve never even imagined.

 The most difficult thing God revealed to me involved losing friends that I never thought I would lose. God showed me that who I hang out with IS important. They will either bring you closer to God or pull you further away from Him. There is no in between. At the same time, I have made so many godly friends in this internship. I made friends that will discuss the Bible with me. God definitely uses them to help me grow. I could not be more blessed.

I also learned the power of prayer. I used to think, “What is the point of praying so much, if God already knows what will happen?” Prayer is communicating. That is how you have a deep, personal relationship with God. He already knows how you are feeling but He wants you to tell Him anyway.

I’ve learned not to flirt with sin and to stay far away from it, if I can. I’ve learned to be more observant and to think ahead. “What will happen if I choose this path? Will anything about this bring glory to God?” If the answer is no, then I know to turn in the opposite direction.

God has grown me incredibly this past year. It hasn’t been an easy journey, and God has had to carry me through the majority of it, but I have made it. I give all of the credit to God. Without Him, I would be hopeless. In Psalm 150, it emphasizes praising the Lord for everything about Him. I’m praising the Lord in everything and I’m trusting Him with my future. This year has been filled with many influential people and experiences that I will carry with me for a long time.

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