Bible Lessons For Children – Incorporate Current Technology to Keep Lessons Relevant

kids-and-computerYes, at one time felt boards and overhead projectors were all the rage when presenting your Bible lessons for children. But, unless you have a toddler, preschool, or kindergarten class, I recommend you take a look at some other methods. Now, before someone gets upset… if overheads, felt boards and chalkboards are all you have, by all means use them! God can and will bring life to these tools. His word is alive and powerful! Believe me, I worked for years with little to no budget in kids ministry. Work technology in as you can. Use what you have to the fullest. But, as I am about to show you, it isn’t always expensive and sometimes it’s even free!

One Cool Example

Here is an example of how easily current technology was introduced effectively into a Bible lesson for children. A children’s director and two teachers were discussing an upcoming 4th and 5th grade class. This class had been learning about missions and in particular, a missionary that our church supported in Russia. The class was currently raising money as an outreach project to send to this missionary. The teachers had been teaching the kids about Russian culture and other aspects of missionary work.

Kids Love to Chat!

The teachers had an idea. Why just tell the kids about the missionary? Why not set up a live video chat with him on-line using Skype? What a brilliant idea! The kids prepared questions and they met and had a video chat with the missionary live from Russia in their Sunday School classroom! How cool is that? How much do you want to bet those kids will never forget that? And, what a shot in the arm for the missionary in Russia to see and talk to these kids that were interested in his work and supporting his efforts?

Will You Go the Extra Step?

This is an instance where teachers were willing to think out of the box. They didn’t settle for the way it was always done before. By finding a way to use current technology, they breathed life into their Bible lessons for children. They engaged their kids and grabbed their interest. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box and try some new, sometimes crazy things with your Bible lessons for children. This example took a computer, an Internet connection and the free Skype service.

Show kids that you are willing to put in some extra time and effort to connect with them! There is a ton of stuff out there… and often times it’s even free!

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