Being Still

By Kalaya Beyer, CBM National Intern –

Where do I even begin? Being on rotation at Camp Ta-Pa-Win-Go is honestly what I needed. Someone asked me, the morning I was scheduled to travel here, if I was anxious about coming here. I wasn’t, until I drove off. I was very unsure of myself when Rebecca and Rhiannon, my fellow interns, dropped me off. The camp is very quiet, compared to New Life Camp where I went on my first rotation, and quiet makes me uneasy. I have always thrived on noise and grew up with noisy brothers and dogs and basketball games being played on TV late at night. I didn’t think I could ever work in total silence, with only my headphones. It scared me at first. But working alone and in silence has helped me. It’s forced me to think more clearly instead of just doing everything based on feelings or what’s going on around me.

Everyone I’ve met here is super kind. Liane, one of the ladies on staff here has, amazingly, let me stay with her. (Amazingly because I am really loud. I don’t know how she hasn’t kicked me out. It might be because we both love books.) Thank goodness the heat was broken in the house I was originally supposed to stay in, which led to the invitation to stay with Liane. I spend a lot of time with Uncle Paul, the program director, helping him with the kids at Skoolzoutt; and even more time with Kathy, the director’s wife/cleaning woman extraordinaire, cleaning many, many things. I have never cleaned so many places in my life and I guess I will have no excuse when it comes to cleaning anymore.

Anywho, CBM’s National Internship Program has definitely shown me the path I need to take in life. I have been praying a lot and I am very certain that CBM is the place I’ve been searching for the past couple of years. I am not sure what or why or how God will use me and this ministry in the future, but I know that coming here was a good idea and an answer to prayer.

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