Your Sponsorship is Worth the Sacrifice

imagesCAV1EE4DHere is note from a CBM Camp counselor who worked this summer at Children’s Bible Ministries of Virginia.

“I know that the camper’s letters are treasured by you, but I hope you don’t mind also hearing from a counselor.  We are so exceedingly thankful for your generous heart!  If you could look out upon the faces of these children- from diverse circumstances and backgrounds, some happy and stable, others in situations that we wish children would never see- ALL with one thing in common: their need to be saved for eternity.  Here this week, many met their Savior for the first time!  You stepped forward and God used you as His instrument in our lost and dying world.  These children go forth from here changed, transformed by the renewing of their minds.  Please know that your sponsorship is so worth the sacrifice.  Ripple effects will be felt in His kingdom as our precious campers impact the lives of those around them with what they now store up in their hearts.”

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