Will You Tell Me a Secret?

secret_thumbThis is a story from Liane Lindauer, a missionary forChildren’s Bible Ministries, Camp Ta-Pa-Win-Go.

“ It started with one of my nieces. She came to Day Camp, and Friday was a hard day. The sun shone for a little while, but the rain also poured down most of the day.  She was a little upset, so while she was standing in line with the rest of the yellow team, I told her that I wanted to tell her a secret.  Thinking it might cheer her up to hear the words, I bent down and whispered in her ear. “ I love you.”

The little girl standing in front of her immediately said, “I want a secret too. Will you tell me a secret?” After thinking for a moment, I said, “Yes, I’ll tell you a secret.”  I bent down and whispered in her ear three little words, but they contained the  most important truth of all, “God loves you.”  As soon as I stood up, several other members of the yellow team asked me, “Will you tell me a secret too?”

To each child that asked, I bent down, cupped my hands around their ear and whispered, “God loves you.”  By the time I was done, most of the team, including one of the counselors had asked for the secret.  I was so thankful for the small opportunity that God provided to share His love with these young children.  Some of the kids were eager to tell everyone else what the secret was.  It is my prayer that they will keep that zeal for sharing the news of God’s love.  I pray that none of them will keep it a secret, but that they will shout it to the world for all to hear.

Although most of the kids asked for the secret, there were several who hadn’t.  I makes me wonder, how many times do we miss out on something special or important because we won’t ask?

By the way, I have a secret, I want to share… “God loves you.”


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