What Missionaries Really Want for Christmas

By Jacquelyn Davis

With the Christmas season upon us, it is once again time to think about others, spend time with loved ones, and be joyful in life’s small moments. How does missions fit into the holiday season? I mean besides the shoeboxes of toys, and the change we throw into the metal bucket hanging by the somewhat gloomy Santa who is unenthusiastically ringing a bell outside the grocery store. Missions is so much greater than one month of the year and random pocket change. (That seems to get smaller each year because who on earth carries cash with them anymore?) As Christmas approaches and you get ready to head home for the holiday, here are a few ways you can celebrate Christmas through missions: 

1. Focus on the reason for His coming. As believers, we know that the reason for the season is Jesus. We know that He came, and He came to save us. Let us ponder this in wonder, once again–the God of the universe came down as a baby to save the WORLD. This is the mission! This is why missionaries go across the seas and next door. This is why evangelists preach the Word. This is why we do missions: because Jesus came.   

2. Recognize that the work is continuing. God didn’t just send His Son, do the work for salvation, and leave, end of story. No, the story is still in continuation! We need to recognize that missions efforts go on all over the world because a tiny baby was born in Bethlehem so many years ago. The work of salvation is complete, but the mission of spreading the gospel to the whole world is still in effect! There are missionaries who have left their families, their homes, their lives to continue this work. This is not something that just happens during the holidays but is a life they choose to live all year long. Take a moment to remember those on the field and behind the pulpit of your church.

3. Get involved. Yeah, filling a shoebox or throwing change into a bucket can help but I am asking you to invest in missions. Do you know a missionary on the field? Can you write them a letter? Send them a care package? Specifically pray for them and their ministry throughout the holiday season? Can you be a part of their life and their ministry? Pray about becoming intentionally and personally invested in a missionary and their ministry. The holidays can be hard for anyone that is away from home, from their loved ones. Missionaries are no exception. Whether they are overseas or just across states, missions can often feel lonely, especially during the Christmas season. What is it that missionaries want most for Christmas? To be remembered. They want to know that they aren’t alone. That people are behind them, supporting them, praying for them, and genuinely caring about them. How can you show a missionary that you care for them? 

A. Care Package: Stuff a small package with goodies from home. Things that remind them of the Christmas season that they may not be able to get where they are serving. Include a picture of yourself or the group that put it together. 

B. Cash: In this season, monthly giving can be down for missionaries. Sometimes a small financial gift can come at just the right time for just the right thing that came up in their life. Or it could be what allows them to do something special during the season that they may not have otherwise been able to do. 

C. Talk to them: Taking the time to speak with a missionary that is your friend can be impactful. This could mean a phone call, a Skype date, or a handwritten letter. Communication is a huge encouragement. Let them know that you are praying for them specifically. 

This Christmas season take time to remember a missionary and reach out to them to remind them that they are not alone or forgotten. To learn more about the ministry of CBM click HERE to go to our website and subscribe to our blog.

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1 Reply to "What Missionaries Really Want for Christmas"

  • Kathryn Hansen
    December 22, 2020 (3:09 pm)

    The missionaries I know are such kind wonderful people. I pray for them a lot and follow their posts. Then I can pray for them specifically.

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