They Just Prayed for A Bible

I returned home on Feb 21st from my short-term mission trip to Kenya Africa. It was short, but the memories will linger long in my heart. One day we boarded a 50 foot hand- made boat to visit a fishing village on the island of Remba. I shall not forget the head teacher’s closing words to our team. Bobby Johnson had just finished teaching the Word of God to over 200 elementary children in the open air and under the blazing African sun.

The teacher’s request was not, could we send him glass for the windows, for they just had openings ­­­­and no window frames. His request was not for a lawn mower, for they had no grass, just dirt and lava rock. His request was not for light blubs, for they had no electricity. I could go on and on but you get the idea, they are a poor people. The head teacher asked if we could provide a Bible in their mother tongue for his school. Can you believe it? Two hundred elementary students plus ten teachers and not one Bible.

Our CBM leader, Bobby Johnson, had a case of Bibles on the island of Mfangano provided by a former CBM camper from North Carolina. This month Eliazar, our Bible teacher, will deliver the Bibles.

A big thank you to donors and churches that made it possible for me to make the trip.

Thank you also for your gifts toward the work here at National. Pray for work week and the Directors Conference scheduled for this month.

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