The Lord Determines Our Steps

How many times has your day not turned out the way you thought it would? Proverbs 16:9 says “We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.” This verse took on a very real meaning on this past September trip to Kenya. Plans were made to visit five public schools with the Gospel message, but because of a nationwide teachers strike, there was no school. God had a different plan for this trip.

You see, God had to rearrange my schedule so that I could come face to face with a man that needed to accept Christ and had just one chance left. Tausi drowned from a boating accident just three days after his decision to trust Christ. I had no idea he would go to meet God in heaven even before I came back to America. I now see how important it was that my schedule got changed. I am so glad I went to Kenya in September.

This is from the newsletter of Interlocking Ministries, friends of CBM. We go through our lives, sometime wondering what our purpose is. Wonder where we should go so that we can be in the will of God. We make plans that seem important to us, when it is the Lord who will determine our steps. Our job is to be willing to see His big picture and move with the opportunities that are opened to us.

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