Principles of Accountability

Accountability is a word that is heard much in Christian circles these days. This is for good reason. The state of America corresponds greatly with the lack of accountability, especially when it comes to leadership.

Accountability means "an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions." I am sure that you can think of many who are not willing to be held responsible for their actions. Although you can not find the word accountability in scripture, the principles are certainly there.

Principles of Accountability

1. It is non-optional Heb.3:13

2. It is based on faithfulness 2 Tim.2:2

3. It must be structured Heb.10:25

4. It focuses on "one another" commands

     – confess your faults to one another Jam.5:16

     – pray for one another Jam.5:16

     – love one another 1 Jn. 4:7

     – exhort one another Heb.3:13

     – to encourage to commendable conduct

     – forgive one another Eph.4:32  Col.3:13

      – an act of pardon

     – serve one another Gal.5:13  1 Pet.4:9

     – provoke one another Heb.10:24

     – to agitate another’s soul

     – submit to one another Eph.5:21

     – humble obedience to another’s will

     – edify one another 1 Thess.5:11

     – build up

     – comfort one another 1 Thess.4:18

    -  to relieve distress; console

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