Mailbox Lessons

By Barb Shearer and Liane Lindauer

What a privilege it is to grade Mailbox Club Bible lessons. If you’re not familiar with the program, allow me to explain. It is correspondence lessons that students do through the mail (‘snail mail’). They read a lesson then answer questions about it. They mail in the answer sheet, it is graded and recorded. Then they are mailed more lessons. Each course has an average of twelve lessons. Upon completion, the student gets a certificate. At our camp they also get a coupon that is good for $60 off their summer camp price! I actually did these lessons as a child, now I am blessed to grade them. We usually have 1000 or more students enroll each school year. 

It is so rewarding to read comments that students write. Some of the lessons ask “Have you taken the Lord Jesus as your Savior? And when?” Here are some of the answers: 

“just now” 

“at Camp Victory”

“while reading this lesson today”

And my personal favorite: “on the toilet”

Several courses ask “What have you learned?” One response said they learned more about God’s love for them. They also said they would be studying these booklets and the Bible more. Another student learned how to put their beliefs in God’s facts. Also, that God disciplines us so that we can walk in obedience to Him. Another learned that Jesus is our everything! Please pray for the students who do these lessons.

The Mailbox Club changes lives in many ways.  Many of the Bible lessons include a salvation question.  Many students answer that question with “no” or “not yet.”  What a joy it is when, in a later lesson, one of them answers “today.”  Salvation is not the only way the Mailbox Club impacts people. One girl wrote me a letter saying that she had had a nightmare and then, shortly after that, received her next Bible lesson which was about fear, and that it helped her.  Isaiah 55:11 says that God’s Word never returns void. We will never know the full impact of the lessons, but we can trust God’s promise to never fail.  

If you would like to learn more about mailbox club lessons, how to get started or how you can get discounts to go to camp, visit our website:

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