Land of Blue Smoke…Sha-kon-o-hey

If you were to spend any amount of time in the Smoky Mountains, you would soon understand why the Cherokee Indians named it “Sha-kon-o-hey”.  The morning fog lazily drifts among the mountains, overshadowing the valley floors with a blue mist.  It is ever-changing and never the same on any two days.  It seems to lend a bit of mystery to life in the Smokies.

October is known for the fantastic colors of changing foliage on the trees.  This year the yellows and oranges are stronger, but accents of red from the maples and staghorn sumacs give punches of color in surprising places!

We are so privileged to view these awesome wonders of God’s creation.  To think that He knew that we personally need those “ahhhh” moments and He made them for us to enjoy shows a special kindness on His part, don’t you think?

From Oct. 11-22, folks came to experience fellowship and relaxation during our Fellowship in the Smokies weeks.  What a unique experience to enjoy a scrumptious breakfast & fellowship each morning, followed by the sharing of God’s Word, and prayertime together. 

 For information on our Fellowship weeks in the spring of 2011…check our website:   or call 865-448-1200 for information> Consider joining us for a special getaway week!  Lodging and breakfasts are free…!



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